Yulia Fein

Co-Founder: Chief Pixie
Yulia Fein

Yulia is a Lead Teacher, Certified Children’s Fitness Specialist, Infant and Toddlers Yoga Instructor, Certified Traditional Hatha Yoga teacher.

She has over 15 years of experience working with children in private and public organizations organizing Enrichment Programs, Summer Camps, and Sport activities, Yoga classes for children and adults.
Yulia is a Certified Principal Personal Trainer. She provides classes for physical and social development of child’s natural abilities through warm-ups, movements, music and dance. Classes designed to increase self-esteem, improve agility, balance & coordination, increase strength and endurance, prevent sport related injuries, enhance kids’ cognitive ability and build a sense of “team” through partner and group exercises. Yulia provides basic nutrition guidelines and diet recommendations to enhance performance, energy level, and physical development.
Yulia is a former Contact Combat (Krav Maga) Instructor.